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    PSALI when dealing with extensions and additional DIDs

    Ok, the call back can be done a couple different ways with the new additional TNs.

    1. Either leave the phones as ext only.
      • But have the EXT send out the NEW TN for 911, purposes.
      • Have the NEW TN mapped for call back to the extension only.
    2. Convert the extensions to the NEW DID’s you get assigned.
      • In this case you don’t have to send out and ELN.

    In either method it looks like there will be either a mapping to the phone that needs to be done or the phone becomes a DID not EXT only line.

    Things to consider:

    Are you wanting to do the 911 down to the suite/room number…or just to the location/floor?

    If just to the location and floor for example then you can utilize an Enhanced Local Number (ELN) for multiple rooms. If so then may not need as many TN’s.

    Just putting it out there in case you may not be wanting to go all the way down to the room / suite #.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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